The Day before the Exam


I guess that’s something I developed from piano recitals and basketball games growing up… the day before THE DAY is always reserved for rest. The last 24 hours before an exam do matter a lot, because there’s so much to memorize that sometimes you just have to rely on your short-term memory. But then there’s so much pressure that I felt like I needed to relax a bit, otherwise I was just gonna crash. Luckily there’s this place King Pong right where I work… so on Wednesday, instead of going home to study right away after work, I went for an hour of “Indian vs Hong Kong” with my coworker Ankur. It was so much fun and so much stress relief. Totally worth it!

I took CDS yesterday, it went ok. Could I have done better if I spent that hour I spent on playing ping pong studying? Maybe, maybe not? We’ll see in a week.


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