Project Subway NYC

The subway stations in New York City is a dynamic place – full of art, culture,
and energy, just like the city itself. But it can also be incredibly disorienting,
frustrating, and confusing at times – also like the city itself. This led me to study this vast, intricate underworld in the form of sketches, architectural drawings, photographs and collages – hence the creation of my personal project, Project Subway NYC.

Three years later the project has evolved into a thesis in urbanism,
wayfinding, infrastructure, and visual communication, and has led me to
develop research in spatial awareness, spatial intelligence, and the future of

The project has been credited in the New York Times, and has been featured
in Time Out New York, Apple Daily, FastCoDesign, Daily Mail U.K, Tech
Insider, CityLab, the Gothamist, and 99% Invisible, among others.

Follow us:
instagram: @projectsubwaynyc
twitter: @projsubwaynyc
facebook: @projectsubwaynyc

42nd street times square station @projectsubwaynyc

42nd street times square station


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