Bidding Requirements & Supplements to Bid Forms (CDS)

– Invitation to bid
– prequalification forms
– owner/ contractor agreement & bond forms
– information to bidders
– bid forms

– bid security form
– subcontractor list
– substitution list

source: quizlet


What Trumps What (CDS)

If any discrepancy exists…

1. Specifications trumps working drawings.

Updated: Apparently that is NOT true! Specifications and working drawings are complimentary to each other. If contractor notices discrepancy between the two, the first thing to do is to bring it to the architect’s attention. (source: ballast Q&A)

2. Working drawings trumps shop drawings.

3. Written word (e.g. four hundred and ten) trumps numerical figures (e.g. 410) in bid forms.

4. Owner/ Contractor Agreement trumps General Conditions.